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Incredible Vacations That Are Better For Solo Travelers in Uganda

This list presents the best incredible vacations for solo travelers in Uganda whether you are looking for excellent primate viewing, wildlife, bird watching culture and landscape. Uganda is a great country with endorsed natural beauty, of lakes, mountains, rivers, valleys and forest vegetation. The magical pearl of Africa is home to multiple attractions, national parks […]

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5 Utterly Remote National Parks You Should Visit in Uganda

Uganda’s 10 national parks and 13 wildlife reserves system consists of virgin equatorial rainforests, lush savannah grasslands, semi-desert plains, wetlands, fresh water lakes, river Nile. Most of the parks have well developed tourism and commonly visited by travelers, such as Bwindi impenetrable forest national park renowned for mountain gorilla trekking safaris and unique birding. Travelers […]

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Romance on the Nile

Picture this: You and your loved one cruising down the majestic Nile River, sipping on an ice-cold cocktail, gazing and enjoying the staggering natural beauty all around you. An impossible dream? Not if you spend your holiday at the enchanting Murchison Falls National Park, North Western Uganda. An experience you’ll never forget. Fall in love […]

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5 Great Places to Enjoy Nature Walks & Hikes in Uganda

Do you love nature? Uganda is incredibly the loveliest destination for you discover the best nature walk experiences. Small as it is, but it is the most endowed country in Africa with the most magnificent tropical rain forests that offer authentic African experiences on nature walks. For ecotourists, visiting Uganda is worthy for you to […]

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