4×4 Car Hire and Self Drive Safaris in Uganda

Though Self drive vacations are popular in Europe and America, they are less popular in Uganda. However self drive safaris are becoming more popular around southern Africa and this new trend of travel is gaining requests in Uganda.

Uganda’s unique climate, weather environment and its amazing surprises of nature, have attracted a good number of visitors. From the rare mountain gorillas to sightseeing at the Source of the Nile, Uganda has so much to offer visitors and locals that stay in the country. If you think about the different attractions you should come up with; Bwindi Forest for gorilla tracking, Kibale Forest home to chimpanzees, savanna parks teeming with interesting wildlife that include tree climbing lions, giraffes, elephants, buffaloes, hippos, the cultures amongst the 52 different tribes, birds etc.

So what is it that allows for such a friendly self drive safari environment? There are many countries in Africa that so rural and wild that traveling without local experience will end up in disaster. Traveling on your own without knowing the environment, cultures or the country can lead to more negative memories than positive! The fact is that many tourists prefer to have some sort of flexibility when on holiday and is something that comes naturally. This is something that tourist look and is more commonly doable on other continents but not always in Africa.

Uganda if compared with other countries offers a big potential for self drive safaris. Over the last 2 decades, Uganda has tried to improve its road infrastructure and today most of the roads to Uganda’s National Parks are passable. Although many roads in Uganda are gravel, they are well kept allow for easy access to different parts of the country.

Uganda has also got small towns that have supplies, friendly people – in fact the most friendliest people in Africa who are looking to help out and lots of information that will help you find the information you need. What you need to start your self drive safari is a 4×4WD Vehicle that know Ugandan roads . They are plenty of 4X4 for hire in Africa. From land cruisers, landrovers to Nissan Patrols, 4X4 will make your wildlife experience a lot more relaxed.

From Car Rental Uganda, you can hire a car and even request one that is fully equipped so you have a mobile home where ever you go let it a national park or a tropical rain forest. This is really convenient and with all the camping sites and accommodation facilities makes for a great way to have the flexibility without having all the drama that turn amazing adventures into holidays that become no fun. You can also visit Car Rental Uganda for more options on vehicles for hire.

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