Are you looking for information about Uganda District? Uganda is made up of 112 districts and on this site we are giving you detailed information on each district and its town in Uganda.

Uganda is divided into 112 districts across four administrative regions. Most districts are named after their main commercial and administrative towns.

Each district is further divided into sub-districts, counties, sub-counties, parishes and villages. The head elected official in a district is the Chairperson of the Local Council.

THE demarcation of a district as an administrative unit came with the colonial government. By 1959, Uganda had 16 districts and at the time of independence in 1962 one more district was created.

Six years after independence, Milton Obote created one more district.When Idi Amin came to power in 1971, he created one more district. After three years in power, Amin created 19 more districts, raising the total number from 19 to 38.

This virtually meant splitting every district into two. In January 1979, three months before Amin was overthrown, he created two more districts, raising the number to 40.

After Amin was overthrown by a combination of Tanzanian forces and Ugandan exiles, Yusuf Lule was installed as President.

Lule’s government merged many of the districts, reducing the total number to 22. But three months later, 11 more districts were created. By this time, Lule had been ousted and Godfrey Binaisa had just taken over as President.

The number of districts then remained at 33 for 12 years. On March 15, 1991, after President Yoweri Museveni had been in power for five years, six more districts were created, raising the number to 39.

Another six were created on March 20, 1997, raising the number to 45.Thereafter the number was steadily increased to 56 in 2000, 80 in 2006, 97 in 2009 and 112 by July 2010.