Getting Here

By Air

The Entebbe Airport is the country’s hub for air travel. Both international and domestic flights operate out of the airport. There are flights to several African cities from here. For example, South African Airways has direct flights to and from Johannesburg thrice a week.

Both KLM and Kenya Airways have daily flights to Amsterdam. While a few are direct flights, others fly via Nairobi. Boeing 737s operated by Ethiopian Airlines fly from Entebbe to Addis Ababa. You can fly from Entebbe to Dubaithrough Nairobi and Addis Ababa in the Airbus 340s operated by Emirates. Onward connections to Asia, Europe and North America are available from Dubai. Take a non-stop flight operated by Brussels Airlines from Entebbe to Brussels and then catch a connecting flight to India, China, Europe or the USA. British Airways has direct flights to London every alternate day.

For transport from the airport to the city (or from the city to the airport), we recommend Green Path Transfers, who offer eco-friendly airport transfers in hundreds of destinations around the world.

By Train

Uganda Railways is not currently providing passenger services. Kenyan Railways used to provide a frequent rail service between Kampala and Nairobi  though this is no longer in service.

By Land

Uganda has road connections with each of its neighboring countries though they are not always open. Travellers are advised to seek local advice before crossing into Rwanda. Crossing the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo is highly dangerous and should not be attempted.

Crossing into Uganda from South Sudan was not safe earlier but now with the signing of the peace agreement between North and South Sudan, the border is open and can be safely crossed.

By Bus

Direct bus services between Kampala, Dar es Salaam, Kigali and Nairobi are operated by many bus companies. Night buses leave Kampala at 4 pm and reach Nairobi in 14 hours. Or you can cover the distance in two stages, travel up to the border by a matatu or bus, and then walk over to the other side. Daily services operate between Kampala and Nairobi, Arusha and Dar-es-Salaam.

By Water

Kampala in Uganda is connected with Mwanza in Tanzania by regular boat services that cross Lake Victoria.