Things to Do

Uganda has a variety of fantastic safari choices for travelers hoping to travel to the Pearl of Africa. The country is small but gives multiplicity of activities to do, to see and not to miss while visiting Uganda in East Africa and you will soon find out why Uganda has been called the Pearl of Africa for over 100 plus years.

Uganda is the adventure Capital of East Africa, with exhilarating White Water Rafting, Kayaking, River Surfing, Bungee Diving, Horseback Riding, Mountain Biking, gorilla trekking, Mountain and Volcano Climbing, extensive Nature and Hiking Trails Uganda is truly synonymous with adventure in Africa.

Uganda is the friendliest country in Africa, filled with 34 million welcoming and hospitable people who would love to introduce you to their country –Uganda the Pearl of Africa. Visit Villages and learn the local culture, stay overnight in a traditional hut and learn the Ugandan ways of cooking, harvesting off of the beaten tourist trails of East Africa.

Uganda – due to its elevation has holiday like weather all year-long, Sunrises and Sunsets to live for as you are in the African Wild of Uganda.

Quick Guide to Top Things to Do

Wondering about the top adventure activities to do in Uganda? Here are our top things to do in Uganda;

Things to Do in Uganda

Though many have visited Uganda for vacation tours and holidays, a few have explored Lake Victoria to the fullest because it’s a Lake you find in several areas and districts. Uganda itself is a land of Lakes and rivers everywhere you go even in conservation areas. The most amazing thing is that even locals who have spent the rest of their lives in the country can’t understand the beauty that the lakes and rivers hold. Fishermen consider water resources as their source of income but have never spent time to explore the them on leisure except when they are looking for fish. However, they are ideal to explore on Uganda safari tours or weekends because they have a lot to offer. Those looking for beach vacations, island leisure, fishing bird watching, animal viewing  and much more, just make your  safari in Uganda great with  a short tour to any part of the country with a lake or River.

Try some of the water sports

The lake and rivers are main highlights in most Uganda safaris, so you can enjoy a wide number of water sports on the different lakes and rivers especially lake Victoria, River Nile, might falls, Lake Edward, Lake George, Lake Bunyonyi etc .Whitewater Rafting is the most done adventure on the Nile, Bungee jumping, boat ride, fishing among others. This can be done on the Nile in Jinja ,on lake Victoria in Entebbe, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison falls National park, Lake Bunyonyi among others. Water sports are the best fun adventures on the Nile for every traveler and once tried no regrets.

Wildlife Viewing

With just 2-3 days , one can enjoy superb game viewing in various great wildlife national parks of Uganda. Do you have free days but you wondering what to do, the logic is simple reserve a 2 day wildlife safari to either Murchison falls or Lake Mburo National Park. These short trips are very amazing and can make you have the best time and moment with different attractive wildlife including the big five. The must see animals include lions, elephants, buffaloes, Rhinos, hippos, kobs, water bucks, among others. You can find this same wildlife in other Uganda wildlife parks like Kidepo Valley, Queen Elizabeth National Park etc.

Chimpanzee trekking or Habituation

In  just two days you can enjoy chimpanzee viewing or full day chimpanzee habituation in Kibale forest the finest and most visited chimpanzee capital in Africa. Get a chance to meet up with chimpanzees and other park primates, wildlife, birds and other habitants as you make the very best use of every moment of your stay in Africa. Chimpanzee trekking experience is one of the most loved primate safari experiences in Africa. So meeting the fast moving primates in their home is another best jungle encounter that excites many to Uganda, Rwanda and to Congo a home to the funniest bonobos.

Hiking and Community Tours

There are a good number of hiking trails around Uganda that can make you enjoy the very best of your stay. Alternatively you can take a community tour to the nearby villages and communities and get detail of the daily life style of locals. However, Kidepo Valley has the best community excursion to the Karimojong community people who have never been changed by western culture. Have advantage of the amazing scenery that is definitely worth exploring areas on foot.