Things to See

Uganda remains authentic Africa. It is Africa non-commercialized. It is Africa condensed into a small country, a country of incredible natural beauty, home to the tallest Mountain Range in Africa, the Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon (taller than the Alps), Uganda is home to the Lake Victoria source of the Nile and the historic River Nile runs through it.

Uganda is the Primate Center of East Africa with well over half of the Mountain Gorillas in Uganda (480), with more Chimpanzees than any other East-African country (almost 5000), with the most Golden Monkeys to be seen in the Virunga Volcano Countries.

Uganda is home of the Western Rift Valley that can be readily seen at the Kyambura Gorge, Semliki National Park, Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve all places where you find beautiful Savanna Plains edged with steep escarpments, lakes, rivers and abundant wildlife making a wildlife safari in Uganda, an interesting and memorable journey.

Uganda is unique with its many Explosion Crater Lakes in the Western Region of the country, explosion craters that were active at the time the Egyptians built the Pyramids, today many of them are fresh water lakes, while others are salt lakes, or simply valleys of incredible green – only in Uganda.

Uganda with its 10 National Parks plus its wildlife where you can see the big 5 without the crowds as found in neighboring, but Uganda is more, it is Big 5 Plus – the plus being the Mountain Gorillas and Chimpanzees you can find here.

Uganda is the Birding Destination of Choice with over 50% of Africa’s Species found in Uganda and the word is getting out a more and more birders arrive in Uganda each week to see some of the finest bird species Africa has to offer.

There are lots of things to see in Uganda. From the rare mountain gorillas in the impenetrable forests of South Western Uganda to historical attractions like the Kasubi Tombs, a UNESCO world heritage site, there are lots of amazing attractions to see in Uganda.

Top Attractions in Uganda