Best Vehicles for Self Drive in Uganda

Self Drive Uganda

Are you planning for self drive holiday in Africa, 4×4 Car Hire Uganda is one of the best with African vehicles for self drive in Uganda taking wildlife and primate photography. In 4WD vehicles, all of the wheels are powered by the engine. This generally offers more grips, which is particularly valuable when you are driving on loose or slippery surfaces – like mud, sand or gravel.

Many 4WD vehicles that we hire for our travelers in Africa come with a second (extended range) fuel tank, but other than that they are usually fairly standard vehicles with spare tyres, jack, and wheel spanner among others.

Expert Africa team members have been driving themselves around Africa since 1989, criss – crossing the country on a very regular basis, and driving 4WD cars more often than not. This has led us to the conclusion that a 4WD is necessary for the vast majority of our travelers for photography trips and especially for trips in the rainy season, visiting lodges off the tar at that time – we do recommend a 4WD vehicle. It will give extra control in slippery conditions and flexibility in places where the gravel has been washed away.

It’s worth observing here that most modern vehicles have brakes applied to all four wheels, so taking a 4WD will not usually allow you to stop any quicker.

Once you have considered all of the above, there is the question of automatic or manual (or ‘stick shift’) transmission. If you are only licensed to drive an automatic vehicle in your home country, this is probably the only kind of vehicle that you can legally drive in Africa. However, if you are licensed to drive a manual car at home, you can probably rent either a manual or an automatic in Africa.

Both manual and automatics have their pros and cons. Comfort: On journeys that require frequent gear changes, such as those in crawling traffic, with lots of starts and stops, automatic cars can make driving a lot easier    Control: Automatics do not offer the same level of control as their manual counterparts, particularly on loose surfaces such as gravel. For instance, it is not as easy, and often not possible, to use your gears to slow down in an automatic – which is a key driving technique when slowing for corners or coming down hills on gravel roads. These include 4×4 Rav4, Land Cruiser Prado’s TX, TZ, Super Customs, Land Cruiser GX, V8, Toyota Safari Land Cruisers, corporate Micro mini vans. This puts you at a choice of either manual or automatic drive.

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