On Arrival in Uganda

Tips for en-route and arrival

  • Keep important papers such as passport, driver‟s license, tickets and money close to you at all times.
  • Never store valuables, cash or jewelry in your luggage. Never leave luggage unattended!
  • Once on arrival you will receive an I-94 form (also know as a visa waver form) since you‟ve already received an American visa; filling it out before arriving will expedite the customs process. A custom‟s agent will tear and return the bottom portion of this form to you. Keep it safe and neat with your passport as you will need it for departure.
  • Due to the current high security measures in America, you will be fingerprinted and digitally photographed as you pass through customs.
  • Place a strap or tie around your suitcase to secure the contents in case the lock and/or zipper breaks while it’s being handled. Do NOT lock your suite as there is the possibility of random security checks by the authorities. This is standard procedure and your presence is not required.
  • Everyone’s luggage looks the same! It is wise to mark your luggage with stickers, ribbons, or any other distinguishing element for easy recognition at the luggage claim area.
  • Do not step in a car with a stranger, even if he offers you cheap transportation service. Ask taxi drivers for their identity card.