Uganda Forests

Mabira forest

Mabira Forest located in Buikwe District, Central Uganda, covering 306 sq km. Mabira Forest is 54km from Kampala and 20km from Jinja and trails the main road from Jinja to Kampala. Mabira Forest has been a protected forest reserve since 1932 and is home of many endangered species including the Uganda Mangabey (Lophocebus Ugandae), a species of Old World Monkey, found only in Uganda.

Budongo forest:

Budongo Forest is located in Masindi district Mid Western Uganda. Budongo Forest is approximately 3-4 hours drive on the way to Murchison falls National Park, Uganda. Budongo Forest covers an area of 793 sq km. It is the biggest forest reserve with older mahogany and iron forest trees. Budongo is the largest Mahogany forest in East Africa with trees growing up to 80 meters.

The forest hosts 600-800 Chimpanzees and many other rare species of birds, including the Lemon Bellied Crombec, white-thighed hornbill and puvel’s illadopsis and Chocolate-backed Kingfisher. Kaniyo Pabidi and Busingiro Ecotourism sites are the major tourist sites within Budongo Forest Reserve.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is located in Kabale & Kanungu Districts ,South West of Uganda, covering an area of 321 sq km. It is 530 km from Kampala. Bwindi Forest consists of a large primeval forest in East Africa, with altitudes spanning from 1,160 to 2,607 meters. The forest is at the edge of the western arm of the Great Rift Valley. Bwindi Forest was recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation as a World Heritage Site for being the home of half the world’s population of endangered Mountain Gorillas as well as being one of the most biologically diverse areas on earth.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, is part of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, located Southwestern Uganda, covering an area of 331 sq Km of jungle forerst. It consists of 120 species of mammals, 346 bird species, 202 butterfly species, 163 tree species, 100 fern species, 27 frog species, as well as other many endangered species including chameleon, gecko to mention a few.

Mpanga Forest Reserve

Mpanga Forest Reserve is located in Mpigi District Central of Uganda, 37 Kms west from Kampala along the Masaka Rd. It is a beautiful forest which has been conserved as a scientific research site since 1953. It has trails form where visitors can view the abundant bird life, butterflies, monkeys and so many other attractions. There is a drum making industry at Mpambire village near Mpanga forest. It is a home of the Royal drum makers. The trees for making these drums are got from Mpanga Forest reserve.

Kibale Forest

Kibale Forest is located in Kabarole, Western Uganda covering 560 sq km. With abundant tropical forest and interesting diversity of animals, Kibale National Park (KNP) , is one of the most beautiful and stunning forests in Uganda. It is home to the largest number of our closet living relatives, the Endangered Chimpanzee as well as the threatened red colobus monkey and the rare L’Hoest monkey (ref. CITES).

The forest has one of the highest diversity and density of primates in Africa totaling 13 species including the black and white colobus monkeys, blue monkey and grey-checked manangabey, red tailed monkey, bush babies and pottos. The park also hosts over 325 species of birds including the yellow spotted nicator, yellow rumped tinkerbird, little greenbul, breasted pitta, the African pitta and the black bee eater.

There are number of impressive mammals including forest Elephants, buffaloes, bush pigs, duikers and bats. A keen observer may also see a number of reptiles and amphibians as well as colorful variety of butterflies.Furthermore, over 250 tree species have been recorded. The most famous inhabitants of Kibaale National Park are the Chimpanzees with over 1,450 individuals protected within the park.

Echuya Uganda Forest Reserve

The Echuya Forest Reserve is located in Kabale and Kisoro Districts , Southwest Uganda and managed by the community. Echuya Forest covers an area of 40 sq km and is ranked among the top 10% of 65 sites visited worldwide by Forest Biodiversity Inventory Team of conservation value of over 100 bird spices represented.

Kalinzu -Maramagambo Forest

Kalinzu – Maramagambo forest is located in Bushenyi / Rukungiri Districts , South West of Uganda. Maramagambo Forest is one of the largest forests in Uganda, covering an area of 580 sq km, on the floor of the Rift, in the Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Bugoma Uganda Forest Reserve,

Located in Hoima District, Mid Western Uganda, covering 365 sq km.

Kasyoha – Kitomi Forest Reserve,

Located in Bushenyi and Mbarara Districts Western Uganda, covering 399 sq km.Sango Bay Forest Reserve, Located in Rakai District, South Western Uganda, covering 151 sq km.

Mt Elgon Forest Reserve,

Located in Kapchorwa and Mbale Districts Eastern Uganda, covering 1,145 sq km.

Rwenzori Forest Reserve

Located in Kasese, Kabarole and Bundibugyo Districts in Western Uganda, covering 996 sq km.

Semiliki Uganda Forest Reserve,

Located in Bundibugyo District, Western Uganda, covering 212 sq km.
Otzi Forest Reserve
Otzi Forest Reserve is found 18km northeast of Moyo Town and covers an area of 188km2 with an altitudinal range of 760–1,667m. The forest is located on an escarpment overlooking the White Nile as it flows northward, and is bounded to the northeast by the international border with Sudan.